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Reimagining Black Wall Street in North Tulsa
Clayborn Temple

ChallengeHow might we reinvest in and empower a community that was once a hub for economic opportunity and vitality?

SolutionA 23-acre, mixed-use community with an acute focus on business & entrepreneurship to create an ecosystem around economic sustainability.

TeamMaslow Development Inc. & Met Cares Foundation

Clayborn Temple

MCF is committed to transforming the academic and social outcomes for families living in North Tulsa by operating great schools, engaging the community, and ensuring that robust economic development can thrive, all in an effort to return North Tulsa to the greatness it achieved in the early 1900’s when it was the financial and business center of the United States and Black excellence was synonymous with that success.— Ray Owens, Chairman, Met Cares Foundation

Clayborn Temple